Major industries our group is part of


Construction works

We follow a decentralized strategy that ensures us the “flexible and close to the client’ approach which allows us to build long-lasting relationships with subcontractors, clients and partners. This time-efficient and cost-effective way of working has given rise to an ever-expanding network of loyal and satisfied customers over the years.

Our know-how extends from civil to utilitarian construction. Over the past decade, we have been serving either as a general building contractor till subcontractor for different construction works.


Cleanrooms for hospitals and laboratories

Through exclusive partnership with Delta 2000 Italy, we offer our clients on Benelux market, advanced technology and high quality products for construction and furnishing of hospitals and laboratries, such as: cleanrooms, operation theatres and laboratories. Our services cover the entire building process: design, consulting, installation and after sale support.


Business Consulting

As business consultants we get very involved in our client’s activity, we support not only organizing, planning, controlling but also implementation, leading and running the company by taking over executive responsibilities under the client’s supervision.


Property Management

Having experience with own real estate portfolio, we ensure that the properties of our clients are efficient utilized. We offer a large range of administrative and technical services, such as: tracking of the contractual documents, assistance in drafting contracts and monitoring compliance, monitoring rental guarantees, obtaining permits, insurance policies as well as handling claims, technical and maintenance interventions for the well being of the tenants.

Trading coffee

We offer a large number of premium coffee blends for large consumers, either as green coffee or roasted. All blends are comprised of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans, grinded or capsules.

For our high quality row materials, we work with reliable coffee plantations and farmers in South America. Roasting process is carried out in Europe.

As we carry about our world and people, we put a great price on traceability and fair trade.


Trading fruits and vegetables

As a wholesaler in fruit and vegetables, fast solutions wants to be the ultimate link between the growers and our customers. We provide to retailers and wholesalers: banana, pineapple, mango, beans and other exotic fruits.  Fair trade is very important for us, therefor traceability of our products is ensured.

By extending our South-America network of the best growers, we are able to supply retailers and wholesalers with special and tasteful varieties year-round.

Trading sugar

Fast solutions has developed long term cooperation with producers in South America with the main ethical lead of “quality comes first”.

We’ve fostered long-term partnerships with sugar producers and we’re known for meeting their needs even when situations change; it’s why our customers are attracted and stay with us. We offer retailers and wholesalers a large range of sugar: Rapadura, panela, sucanat, muscavado, turbinado and organic raw sugar.